Equipment Financing

Equipment financing enables our clients to acquire the equipment and technology their business needs without using up working capital or business credit line. We know that equipping business with the right equipment can help increase sales, improve efficiency, and make a dramatic improvements. Additionally, equipment and technology are extensions of company’s brand, and therefore play an important role in how the company is perceived by clients and prospects. 
Our equipment financing solutions are flexible and based on the specific characteristics of the industry and goals of each individual business. Integrated Solutions provides the following types of Equipment financing:


  • Equipment Leasing
    • True lease
        • This type of lease provides several flexible options at the conclusion of the lease agreement. Typically the lessee has the option of returning the equipment to the lessor, renewing the terms, or purchasing the equipment for the fair market value. Many customers that purchase equipment which tend to rapidly decrease in value select this equipment lease structure.


    • $1 buyout
        • A dollar buyout lease is also referred to as a capital lease. This type of lease guarantees the option of purchasing the equipment for the amount of one dollar ($1) at the conclusion of the lease agreement. Clients that plan to keep the equipment at the end of the lease term typically select this option.


  • Sale Lease-back
        • For the clients that have recently paid cash for new equipment, Integrated Solutions provides cash for the equipment and converts the purchase into a lease. Certain guidelines must be met and certain documentation such as invoices and proof of payment must be provided as well.


In addition, Integrated Solutions has special programs designed to finance Trucking Companies and Construction Companies on terms and conditions that perfectly fit the specific industry.