Cash Advances

Merchant cash advance, also known as purchase of future receivables, allows our clients to trade in a percentage of their future sales to working capital now. What excites us about this product is that it works along with and depends on our clients’ businesses and how well they are doing financially. Whether it is a slow business season or sales are higher than ever, the payments fluctuate with the sales and don’t empty the pocket of our customers. What’s more – there is no fixed term for this product!


So, could your business use extra working capital to expand, renovate, advertise? Are you ready to upgrade your equipment, stock your shelves for a high season? Do you need funding right now? Whether your expenses are planned or unexpected, the purchase of future receivables may be the right product for your business!

For small businesses that are just starting out to established businesses, merchant cash advance is a quick and simple way of obtaining funds by leveraging future sales.


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