In a world that is constantly changing and is increasingly complex, there is one fact: business needs capital to grow. Integrated Solutions understands that access to capital is essential. Our goal is simple: provide financing for your business and help you grow and prosper.

We don’t want to give you just any product out there; we tailor the financing specifically to the business’ needs. Our capital product amount depends on the clients’ needs and ranges from as little as $5,000 for our small-sized client and up to $25 millions our larger clients may need. Whether you are a small mom and pop store buying inventory, a large trucking company financing new trucks and huge deals, or a restaurant expanding to a new location and buying more equipment, you will get the funding that meets your needs. Fast.

Unlike banks we don’t require loads of paperwork and months of walking around and waiting to fund you. We don’t charge any fees, don’t penalize you for prepaying, adding or switching to another product, and we offer both fixed and flexible repayment options that fit your particular business.

All we need is your desire to get funded and 2 business days to find the best solution for you!